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Ein Briefwechsel zum Thema Obama und die Muslims

> was sacht ihr denn dazu? so denken eigentlich alle amerikanischen Christen!

> June 8, 2009
> Obama, Islam and Israel
> Tommy De Seno, writing in Fox Forum (June 5th), says, “With every speech
> he gives, President Obama goes further and further in diminishing
> Christianity in America while inflating Muslims here and around the world.
> For Americans, this appears to be at best an incredibly bad choice of
> rhetoric or at worst the manifestation of a prejudice hidden in Obama,
> finally making its way out.”
> Obama in his speeches has several times said, “America is not a Christian
> nation.” Starting in a 2007 speech, he stated, “Whatever we once were, we’re
> no longer a Christian nation.” In that same speech he criticized Christian
> leaders, claiming they have used their religion for political purposes. De
> Seno quips, “I guess he thinks ‘Jihad’ is a Christian word. Ein Briefwechsel zum Thema Obama und die Muslims weiterlesen